We are releasing Open Event Version 1.19.0, the software powering eventyay.com. 258 pull requests have been merged by 30 individual contributors, hundreds of test versions have been deployed and system stability and speed has improved substantially.

Here is a short list of important feature improvements:

  • General video support has been added 
  • Jitsi Meet has been integrated
  • Calendar support for different platforms
  • Online events are now fully supported
  • Major updates to translations like German, Japanese and Chinese
  • More custom attendee and speaker form fields have been implemented
  • Lots of improvements in the ticketing process
  • Added separate PDF export for several tickets
  • Dozens of dependencies were upgraded to latest versions

Please download the version of Open Event here:

Server Backend: https://github.com/fossasia/open-event-server/ 
Code Repository: https://github.com/fossasia/open-event-server/releases/tag/v1.19.1 
A minor update to the server component was done after the initial release to version 1.19.1

Frontend Component: https://github.com/fossasia/open-event-frontend/releases/tag/v1.19.0 
Code Repository: https://github.com/fossasia/open-event-frontend

Special thanks to Areeb Jamal and many new developers, contributors, testers and documentation writers participating in the Codeheat coding contest!

Open Event Frontend Changes


bug Bug Fixes

toolbox Maintenance


Thanks a lot to our contributors for making this release possible:

@Abhijay007, @Draco9421, @Gautam-Arora24, @MeghalBisht, @Raunaksingh100, @SARTHAK1SINGH, @Saumyachitransh01, @ShreyanshSrivastava, @Soumi150, @akash2408, @aryamanprince, @codedsun, @comradekingu, @daretobedifferent18, @djcruz93, @himanshuvarandani, @iamareebjamal, @ksraj123, @mariobehling, @maze-runnar, @nikolaytoplev, @pc-beast, @progmatic-99, @sachinchauhan2889, @terminator0309, @weblate, Areeb Jamal and J. Lavoie

Open Event Server Backend


rocket Features

bug Bug Fixes

toolbox Maintenance


  • chore(docs): Add comma in storage options docs (#7415) – @Lakshita2002
  • chore(docs): Correct name of Postgres “peer” authentication method (#7381) – @hongquan
  • chore(docs): Improve local installation guide (#7320) – @hongquan


Thanks a lot to our contributors for making this release possible:@Lakshita2002, @Soumi150, @codedsun, @hongquan, @iamareebjamal, @manav1403, @mansiag, @maze-runnar, @sachinchauhan2889